October 10 - 11, 2017
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The Changing Face of the Financial Services Customer

Nowadays customers are more savvy than ever before. Whatever their purchase, customers want their experience to be consistent, with their problems solved quickly, and with full transparency. Financial Services across North America have woken up to this and are now becoming much more competitive through their customer experience strategies. However, there is a lot of work to do. Lack of trust, lack of ROI and big investments means that building a customer experience department is still seen as risky business. However, this is where the true competitive differentiator lies.

Customer Experience Leaders' Top 10 Investment Priorities

Ahead of the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services, we surveyed our elite group of customer experience leaders attending the event to understand their biggest CX challenges, and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 - 18 months to build customer trust and drive profitable growth with a holistic customer experience strategy. 

Personalization vs Automation

Customers are engaging with FS organizations in a much more sophisticated way than ever before, with the emergence of digital handing the power directly to the customer. But how are organizations using emotional engagement, personalization, even individualization in the fight to remaining competitive? How are the biggest FS players delivering a personalized experience? Can this even be done without the use of automated systems to service their customers on a mass basis? 

These are critical questions asked of experts within the FS industry including from MasterCard; AXA; Fidelity; BBVA  and many more. 

Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services 2016 Post Event Report

Take a look at the 2016 Post Event Report to gain access to exclusive interviews, presentations as well as insights into the critical challenges that were discussed at the Exchange and much more!

Future Trends Report

The pace of change within the BFSI sector is increasing at a very fast rate, with disruptors around every corner. 

It’s now common knowledge that companies offering only out-dated solutions to customers will become irrelevant incredibly quickly. If you’re not online, mobile-friendly and able to digitally offer services, then you need to make sure you invest in the right technology as soon as possible.

Download this exclusive report to discover how BFSI industry leaders are ensuring thier strategies are fit for purpose in this ever changing industry, the report also features insight from CX solutions and service providers, making it a must read!

BFSI Investments: The CX Report

North America’s top Customer Experience executives within the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries have shared the challenges and investment areas that are shaping their 2018 strategies in this definitive guide into CX budget assignment. The proliferation of new technologies and the ever-changing nature of customer interaction make for a fresh myriad of challenges for those ultimately responsible for these strategies.

So which challenges are keeping executives awake at night? And which services and solutions are they prioritizing with 2018 just around the corner? This in-depth research seeks to outline these critical questions and help better understand marketing spend.


This report has been created with insight from senior executives who are attending the Customer Experience Exchange BFSI, to meet with providers in an one-on-one setting, who can hopefully help them resolve their biggest challenges. Featuring a full analysis of the most critical challenges facing those responsible for the CX / UX functions and offering insight into which solutions and services look set to top investment in 2018. You will also see a full industry breakdown as well as full financial breakdown of the executives who took part in this research and much, much more.

So how are BFSI organizations coping with the changing consumer expectations? And which challenges are they most worried about as we move into 2018? Simply download to find out!


Proactively Engaging your Customers to Win Trust & Share of Wallet

Our experts; Lucas Freed, Vice President, Customer Experience & Cross-Sell;  Kyle Okimoto, Executive Vice President, E*Trade and Kristin Julbert, Director, Client Experience & Business Process, BBVA Compass shared their advice on how to win your customers’ trust, revealing the factor crucial for success is not what you say, but what you do. Trust is a key driver for customers to repeat investment in your product, and in order to build this trust your brand needs to be consistent. This is easier said than done, but watch our panel discussion and find out what our speakers have found to be the best approach.  


Dan Balistierri, Vice President, Global Service & Experience, MasterCard

In this exclusive interview Dan discusses which aspects of a loyalty scheme attributes most to a great consumer experience, how the financial sector is dealing with an increasingly digital world and which are the most important elements when designing a great omnichannel strategy. Dan also shares the three most important aspects of a customer experience strategy that financial services need to focus on specifically and looking into the crystal ball to where Financial Services will be in 5 years time.

Kelly Harper, BMO Financial Group, Director Customer Experience Learning

Kelly shares her thoughts on what the financial services sector need to do to help rebuild trust from their customers, how BMO Financial Group leverage their customer experience strategy to achieve a competitive advantage and what are the three most important aspects of a customer experience strategy that financial services need to focus on specifically.

Nancy Porter, SVP, Marketing & Sales, Monarch Bank

Nancy sat down with the Customer Management team to discuss how combining the marketing, sales and training budgets under her remit has helped Monarch deliver a great experience, the secret to delivering an award winning customer experience and what types of initiatives Monarch integrate to ensure the customer is always at the heart of their employees

Cindy Chastain, Mastercard, SVP, Group Head, Customer Experience and Design

We caught up with Cindy Chastain from Mastercard who shared some of her insights into how to successfully guide the transformation of customer experience in order to differentiate your brand. She advocates the importance of design and predicts that this will become more and more prevalent in the future. She also discusses the challenge of embedding practices that actually get results, and the importance of a maturity model in achieving this. 

Jennifer Watkins, Global Head of Customer Innovation& Foresight, AXA

Jennifer Watkins from AXA shared her insights into innovation in customer experience, and how to create a seamless customer experience across all channels. She recommends the importance of involving employees in your customer service vision, and having the skillset to enable change in your organization. Watch our interview with her to find out more and how you can improve customer experience. 

Jeronimo De Miguel, VP Branding & Creative, ManuLife

Jeronimo De Miguel from Manulife tells us about the significance of a strong brand image and how brand ambassadors can have a positive impact on your organization. He reveals the message behind Manulife’s latest brand campaign, “Are You Ready?” and how this reflects the need to connect with customers on their own terms. 

Kristin Julbert, Director, Client Experience & Business Process, BBVA Compass

We caught up with Kristin Julbert who offered her insights on what makes a successful metric strategy. She tells us how her team use the data available to them to identify what actions are necessary to improve the customer experience, and then follows through to ensure these actions are happening. Listen to the interview to discover how data can be used to improve the quality of customer interactions. 

Maura Hunter, SVP Customer Experience, Fidelity

Maura Hunter takes us through her key elements for success in a customer experience strategy, and how to integrate customer experience into the DNA of your organization. She tells us the importance of getting employees onboard with your customer experience strategy, and how to connect with the customer on their own terms. 

Henry Edinger, Chief Customer Officer, Travelers

Most companies struggle to achieve their customer experience goals due to other projects that may potentially be perceived as ‘higher priority’. It’s imperative to empower employees across all departments, whether customer-facing or not, to deliver products and services designed for the customer of today and the customer of tomorrow. Henry Edinger, Chief Customer Officer, Travelers, opened the Exchange to give his account of the importance of prioritizing CX from the top down. Hendry defined what he felt were the three key elements of a successful strategy, and combined some practical examples as to how Travelers maintains it’s customers at the heart of it’s brand.

Richard Newsom, VP Retail Customer Experience, Fifth Third Bank

Richard shares his views on what organizations should be focusing on to ensure that they become as customer centric as possible. With so many different touchpoints, Richard also shares how 53 are driving meaningful insights from its customers.



Buying behavior have forever changed with customers in all markets. As a result, financial firms now need to compete with a whole new kind of ‘great’ experience. Ulrika from Lithium takes the audience through how FS organizations can allow customers to take charge through digital.